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The ALIM University Scholarship plans are available on ALIM University to support and accommodate every Muslim interested in seeking Islamic education online. Many students get disappointed and stop from moving ahead due to lack of resources in life of income and travel. There are a lot of brilliant students with passion looking to get into Islamic University Online to achieve their goals and cannot get support from anywhere. Islam is not for the paid students, but ALIM’s mission is to provide Islamic studies for everyone, whoever can pay whatever they can and still get their Islamic education. ALIM University is the best Islamic University online with very flexible plans that any students can apply for scholarship worldwide with any background of lack of capacity of livings. There are already thousands of students studying at ALIM University online worldwide.

What is Islamic Scholarship for Muslim Students

Scholarships for students who practice Islam will be especially interested in the role of religion in your life. It can be a good idea to emphasize how Islam has influenced you as a human being. This can include how different Islamic principles have influenced your daily life and other decisions you’ve made. As you begin to draft your essays, you can spend some time reflecting on your relationship with the Islamic faith and what it means to you.

We try to best to support and accommodate everyone according to their capacity to pay. ALIM is supporting undeveloped countries’ students with discounts and cut-off from the total payments.

ALIM University Scholarship Program, also offering with discounts and remove the burden while they can work for University in part-time based and still continue studying as a student at ALIM University.

The student can apply and depend if they get approved and how much they will get cut off and depend on their historical and educational records and of work records and experiences in any fields.


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April 20, 2023


April 20, 2023