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Free Diploma Courses

Free Islamic Courses For Youth

Seeking knowledge is a religious duty of Muslims. Muslim youth should gain knowledge so that they may contribute to spreading Islam. Spreading Islam will likewise make them able to play a productive and positive role in society. ALIM University has designed courses specific for youth that covers almost all aspects of life. With ALIM University Free Islamic courses for youth, people will get an opportunity to grasp Islamic knowledge so that they may live their lives according to Quran and Sunnah.

Muslim Youth may choose from the following free Islamic Courses:
-Fiqh of Salah
-Fiqh Of Fasting
-Islamic Culture and Civilization
-Marriage and Parenting
-Fiqh of Worship
-Prophet PBUH Role Model

ALIM University welcomes Muslim youth to enroll in these free courses and expand their knowledge about Islam. Enrolled students will also be assessed at the end of each course. This assessment will help them to know how much they have learned and which areas need more focus.

Feel free to contact ALIM University support center for your queries.

FREE Islamic Courses Online Diploma Programs

Islamic Courses are wide ranged from basic towards advance levels. we encourage start their education in Islamic studies online free diploma programs


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