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Masters Degree In Fiqh, Islamic Jurisprudence

A Master’s degree in Fiqh is an advanced level of study in the field of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh). Students with a bachelor’s degree in Fiqh are eligible to get admission to this course. The aim is to enhance the students’ academic performance and to enable them to study in-depth and conduct research in the field of jurisprudential and religious studies. The main objective of this course is to augment the student’s knowledge of legal sciences and prepare the final graduates as future researchers in the various branches of Islamic law. Access to this course is now very easy because ALIM University is going to conduct this course online available. The staff of ALIM University is well educated, competitive, and highly trained to educate its students with the best knowledge of the world. You can also get the chance to study this valuable course under the supervision of a qualified staff of ALIM University by applying online.

A Master’s degree in Fiqh involves thesis research work also. The subject topics include Research Methodology, Islamic legal Maxims (Qawa’id Fiqhiyya), Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Ibadat), Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Muamlat), Studies in the Sciences of Sunnah, etc. The graduates of this program will be specialized trained researchers in the various fields of Islamic jurisprudence. The students will be furnished with the interpersonal and professional skills that are required for communicating with society to propagate and introduce the values of Islamic law in daily social life. The mission of this course of study is to provide the students with in-depth knowledge of the different jurisprudential views and schools and their approaches to various jurisprudential problems. Limited seats for this high demanding program are available. Reserve your seat now if you don’t want to miss the golden chance to get enrolled in this purposeful study.


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