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Masters Degree In Islamic History

Master’s degree in Islamic History is a one-step more advanced level of the program for students willing for further studies in the field of Islamic History and have a Bachelor’s degree completed in this field. This course is recommended to those students who have substantial knowledge in the field and are capable without further training to work with pre-modern Arabic, Persian, Turkish sources as their specific interests. The course can prove to be a very good entry gate for subsequent doctoral study, as it is designed with a strong emphasis on research methods and primary sources. It focuses on the political, social, and intellectual history of the central Islamic lands. The students will take specialized classes and undertake independent research under the supervision of a faculty member. ALIM University has ensured easy access to this program by making it available online.

The course outline includes Research methodology, Historiography and Philosophy of History, History of the world, History of Europe, History of the Modern West, History of Muslims, History of Pakistan, English, Arabic, Islamic studies, Evolution and Development of Islamic Jurisprudence, History of Iran, History of Afghanistan, History of Turkey, etc. The employment areas include business, finance, law, civil service, journalism, education, museums, government, and industry. The graduates will be able to enhance their historical knowledge, skills, concepts, understanding, and abstraction. If you are interested in learning Islamic History in detail, this program will prove beneficial for you. Get admission by clicking the “Apply Now” button and secure your seat in this precious course of study. This discipline can prove to be a valuable asset for you, as well as your friends and siblings. Don’t miss the chance, get enrolled to embellish your time by getting admission in this course being conducted by ALIM University. You will never regret getting enrolled in this discipline.


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