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About ALIM University

ALIM University was a founded in 2021 by Dr. Ammaar Saeed in New York, an online website chapter of non-profit organization Islamic Research Foundation New York (IRFNY). ALIM aim is to provide Islamic courses online free and Islamic degree programs. ALIM University’s online Islamic education platform is easy to understand. The development of ALIM University took about two years to provide the best platform for Alim courses online. ALIM University Islamic education is an online platform without a physical campus with the same format of study as an off-line campus.

ALIM’s education system does not promote a particular sect education. ALIM’s aim is to build a foundation of Muslim scholars and professional students of knowledge of Islam. ALIM system of education is based purely on Quran and traditions. ALIM University’s online campus was developed in a way, that anyone with basic knowledge of English and device/mobile/computer can have an education online without leaving home.

Based on students’ demands, ALIM will continue making changes that would be more beneficial to students worldwide. ALIM will continue adding more courses and programs based on the inquiries received. ALIM offers free diploma Islamic courses online, certification courses, degree programs and majors in Islamic studies, including Doctorate and Mufti course online.

ALIM system of education is based on self-paced and research with guidelines to research through medias and materials online. The course materials and guidelines will be provided on each course page. It will include an overview, links to medias, textbooks, assignments, quizzes, midterm, and final exam.

The courses will be based on working hard on research projects that would allow a chance for a student to explore more references and present a thesis. Students will have a practice in writing academic research projects in international writing styles to work on major Islamic projects. The students will receive a final transcript and diploma or degree certificate.

ALIM University is a chapter of, Islamic Research Foundation New York (IRFNY), AHAD TV Media Network currently owns over 5,000 websites, hundreds of YouTube channels, social media and WhatsApp Groups, 20,000+ largest Islamic books library online with the largest Islamic contents, publications and medias online with the goal of promoting authentic Islamic education media, publications and presenting true Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims. The organization’s media network is considered to be the largest Islamic network to own Islamic content and media in the world to present authentic and traditional teachings of Islam. None of the Medias are monetized or with intention to receive ads income, but solely provide pure Islamic education and medias to the public to please Allah for building Akhirah.

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Nov 17 2023