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ALIM University is a private online Islamic University with the aim and goal, to provide Islamic Traditional education. ALIM is looking forward to allow its programs and credit transferable to other Islamic institutions. ALIM is not a regular University to offer regular majors but only offers degree and credit-based Islamic majors and programs in Islamic education online recognized by international Islamic courses based institutions.

ALIM education system does not link to any sect or groups within Islam, but the system is based on offering traditional pure teachings from Quran and Hadith and of Islamic traditional curriculum, because of different sect education systems in Islam. It varies on every Islamic institution’s policies of accepting course credits and may differ in partial acceptance of credits.

After the completion of programs, the students will receive a degree award, transcript with GPA based. As a private institution, ALIM Islamic University Online only offers Islamic based courses doesn’t require commercial academic accreditation by law and provides online Islamic education, majors and courses recognized by Islamic institutions. The degree issued, quality and format of study is equivalent to higher advanced universities similar to foreign university standard, that required study in depth and research projects.

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