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Masters Degree In Islamic Studies

Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies is a graduate degree that students pursue to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of Islamic studies. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies must be earned first to get enrolled in a Master’s degree level program. In this course of study, students take an in-depth look into a wide range of topics that are related to Muslims and Islam both from historical and contemporary perspectives. The course outline of each program may include Juristic texts in acts of worship, contemporary issues in political jurisprudence, principles and practice of economic and social justice, contemporary Islamic finance, Arabic text reading, and crime and philosophy of punishment in Islamic jurisprudence. A Master’s level degree program includes a final thesis or research project. Getting a Master’s level degree is very beneficial giving the graduates a competitive edge when searching for a job.

The in-depth study of Islam provides the students a greater understanding of the cultures, religious perspectives, and the people with whom they will be interacting and working. Graduates with a Master’s degree in Islamic studies provide the students with a variety of careers to choose from. Some career opportunities have direct involvement with the Islamic community while others have a behind the scene involvement. Some of the various job titles may include civil service fast streamer, politician’s assistant, government social research officer, public affairs consultant, social researcher, and public relations account executives. ALIM University is now offering a Master’s level degree in Islamic studies online. So, it’s a great and easy opportunity for anyone interested to enroll in this course. You can also enroll in this course and secure your future. So, what’s the point of wasting time? Access to this precious program is now just one click away. Make your time more precious by enrolling in this course of study.

The requirement to have admission in Masters Degree In Islamic Studies and continue their studies, the requirement is to pass and complete the require criteria accordingly for Bachelors Degree.

Masters Degree In Islamic Studies, format and curriculum is based on strongly developed advanced level Islamic University Academic format to pursue graduate degree and continue on with PhD program. The requirement to start on Masters degree track is, Bachelors degree from ALIM University.

As continue student on ALIM, you will be already aware that there are multi developed streams to provide flexibility for full-time students following academic scheduled calendar or part-time that student can start anytime or individual courses. ALIM has multi options to choose from that encourage student to start anytime.

In order to have degree, there will be requirement of passing grades, 80 Credits and the final project of thesis must be prepared academically formatted.

Each Course 3 Credits
Each Semester 6 Classes
4 Semesters 72 Credits
THS600 Thesis 8 Credits

Masters In Islamic Studies Online Alim/Alimah Course Curriculum

AQD501Aqeedah 501Commentary on the Aqeedah of At Tahawi Pt 1
AQD601The PropheciesDoomsday Portents And Prophecies
DAW201Dawah 201The Comprehensive Islamic Call
FQH501Fiqh 501The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer Vol 1 Pt 1
HAD501The Role of SunnahThe Sunnah And It’s Role Pt 1
SER301Seerah 301Provisions For The Hereafter Pt 1
AQD502Aqeedah 502Commentary on the Aqeedah of At Tahawi Pt 2
AQD602Paradise and HellfireAt Tadhkirah
DAW202Dawah 202The Dawah To Islam
FQH502Fiqh 502The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer Vol 1 Pt 2
HAD502The Role of SunnahThe Sunnah And It’s Role Pt 2
SER302Seerah 302Provisions For The Hereafter Pt 2
AQD601Aqeedah 601Concise Commentary on the Book of Tawhid vol1
FQH601Fiqh 601The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer Vol 2 Pt 1
HAD501Sunnah Roles HAD501The Sunnah And It’s Role pt1
HAD601Riyaadus Saliheen pt1Riyad Us Saliheen Pt1
HST401History 401Men And Women Around The Messenger Pt 1
SER401Seerah 401A Mercy to the Universe pt1
AQD602Aqeedah 602Concise Commentary on the Book of Tawhid vol2
SER402Seerah 402A Mercy to the Universe pt2
HAD502Sunnah Roles 502The Sunnah And It’s Role pt1
FQH602Fiqh 602The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer Vol 2 Pt 2
HAD602Riyaadus Saliheen pt2Riyad Us Saliheen pt2
HST402History 201Men And Women Around The Messenger Pt 2

Feb 18 2024

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