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Masters Degree In Arabic Language

A Master’s degree in Arabic Language Studies offers a more advanced level of learning Arabic for interested Non-Arab students. This program is designed for teachers, language professionals, and for those with no teaching experience. This course makes sure that students develop a new way of thinking and talking about the Arabic language, language teaching, and learning the Arabic language across different social and educational contexts. With a special focus on Arabic text, the course offers graduate training in the study of the languages, literature, and thought of the Islamic world. The program introduces the students to scholarly approaches to the study of Islam. In the first week of programs, non-Arabic students are required to take an Arabic language exam conducted by the Arabic language department of ALIM University.

The learning goals of this program include a demonstration of broad and comprehensive knowledge of the Arab world, and the ability to integrate it through a multidisciplinary study of language, culture, history, politics, and economics. Graduates will be able to understand and engage critically with the theoretical and methodological paradigms most appropriate for the study of the Arab world. The graduates will be well equipped with advanced knowledge of the Arabic language and learn to communicate effectively for different audiences and purposes. In order to graduate, all the students are required to pass a written and oral proficiency exam in Modern standard Arabic. Students will be able to learn the diverse aspects of culture and society in the Arab world, from structures and institutions, art, poetry, multiple discourses and practices, anthropology, sociology, and literature. The students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language are recommended to take this course of study to enhance their knowledge in the field and to avail many more career opportunities. The course is easily accessible, as it is available online by ALIM University.


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