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Bachelors Degree In Islamic Studies

ALIM University offers a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies which involves an academic approach to comparative and theoretical methods that have developed in the modern scholastic study of Islam. This discipline integrates historical knowledge in combination with cultural and religious studies as well as philosophical thought. The discipline of Islamic studies is a multidisciplinary view of all the aspects of Islam and the Islamic world. The course of Bachelors in Islamic Studies includes knowledge of Arab-Islamic civilization i.e. its defining features, society, and the culture of the Ottoman Empire. Students of this discipline will become familiar with the knowledge of linguistic divergence and cultural convergence in the Islamic world throughout history. The topics like crisis revolution in the Middle East, the Qur’an, and its interpretations will also be covered in this course.

Islamic studies disciplines prepare the students for understanding the multiple ways in which Islam has shaped human experiences both in the past and in present. Students will become equipped with the advanced knowledge of theological, jurisprudential, historical, contemporary, and spiritual aspects of Islam. The graduates of this discipline will be able to provide their services as translators and interpreters, specialized journalists, radio, newspapers, television channels editors, and scientific researchers. If you are interested in learning Islam and Islamic history in-depth, this degree should be your preference. You can avail yourself of the opportunity to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies easily by applying online. This is the most demanding degree to study Islam in modern aspects. The highly trained staff of ALIM University is teaching this course to make the students learn Islam and

ALIM University has planned in Islamic Studies Curriculum academic degree program. The requirement for register and admission on ALIM University, please visit the admission page at It will have details on how to proceed with the application, simply follow the instructions.

There are multi developed streams to provide flexibility for full-time students following academic scheduled calendar or part-time that student can start anytime or individual courses. ALIM has multi options to choose from that encourage student to start anytime.

In order to have degree, there will be requirement of passing grades, 150 Credits and the final project of thesis must be prepared academically formatted.

Each Course 3 Credits
Each Semester 6 Classes
8 Semesters 144 Credits
THS400 Thesis 6 Credits

Bachelor In Islamic Studies Online

AQD101Aqeedah 101Fundamentals Of Tawheed
ARB101Arabic Course Book 1Madinah islamic University
ETQ101Ettiquitte Of KnowledgeThe Ettiquette Of Seeking Knowledge
FQH101Usool Al FiqhThe Evolution of Fiqh
HAD101Usool Al HadithUsool Al Hadith
SER101Seerah 101The Sealed Nectar Pt 1
TAF101Usool Al TafseerUsool At Tafseer
AQD102Aqeedah 102Kitab At Tauhid Explained
ARB102Arabic Course Book 1 Pt 2Madinah islamic University
FQH102Fiqh Of WorshipA Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence Vol 1
HAD102Science Of HadithAn Introduction to the Science of Hadith
SER102Seerah 102The Sealed Nectar Pt 2
TAF102Usool Al TafseerPrinciples Of Tafsir
AQD201Aqeedah 201The Devil’s Deceptions Part 1
ARB201Arabic Course Book 2 Pt 1Madinah islamic University
FQH201Fiqh Of MuamlaatA Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence Vol 2 Pt 1
HAD201Forty Hadith Pt1Jami Al-Ulum Wal-Hikam Pt 1
HST101History 101Stories Of The Prophets
TAF201Quran Science 201The Sciences Of Quraan
AQD202Aqeedah 202The Devil’s Deceptions Part 2
ARB202Arabic Course Book 2 Pt 2Madinah islamic University
FQH202Fiqh Of TransactionsA Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence Vol 2 Pt 2
HAD202Forty Hadith Pt2Jami Al-Ulum Wal-Hikam Pt 2
HST102History 102The History Of The Khalifahs
TAF202Tafsir Juz AmmahJuz Amma Ibn Kathir
AQD301Aqeedah 301Al Aqidah Al Wasitiyyah Vol 1
ARB301Arabic Course Book 3 Pt 1Madinah islamic University
FQH301Principles of FiqhPrinciples Of Islamic Jurisprudence Pt 1
HAD301Sahih Bukhari Pt1Summarized Sahih Al Bukhari Pt 1
SER201Sirah of the Prophet Pt1The Sirah of the Prophet Pt1
TAF301Tafseer 301Tafsir Surah Kahf
AQD302Aqeedah 302Al Aqidah Al Wasitiyyah Vol 2
ARB302Arabic Course Book 3 Pt 2Madinah islamic University
FQH302Principles of FiqhPrinciples Of Islamic Jurisprudence Pt 2
HAD302Sahih Bukhari Pt1Summarized Sahih Al Bukhari Pt 2
SER202Sirah of the Prophet Pt2The Sirah of the Prophet Pt2
TAF302Tafseer 302Lessons from Surah Al-Yusuf
AQD401Aqeedah 401Commentary On Kitab At Tawheed Vol 1
DAW101Dawah 101The Islamic Awakening
FQH401Fiqh of IbadahBulugh Al Maram pt1
HAD401Sahih MuslimSummarized Sahih Muslim Vol1
IBF101Islamic Banking 101Introduction To Islamic Economics
PSY101Psychology 101Psychology From The Islamic Perspective
AQD402Aqeedah 402Commentary On Kitab At Tawheed Vol 2
DAW102Dawah 102A Comparative Study of the Religions of Today
FQH402Fiqh of MuaamlatBulugh Al Maram pt2
HAD402Sahih MuslimSummarized Sahih Muslim Vol2
IBF102Islamic Banking 102Your Money Matters
PSY102Psychology 102Islamic Counseling

Feb 18 2024

*Courses May Subject To Change