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Most common questions are answered already on the website. It is faster to search than sending email and waiting for an answer. If you are looking for an answer that you are unable to find on the website,

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There is no requirement for Diploma courses are free Islamic courses online , can start anytime, as long as the students understands it. Degree courses are required first to be registered and required documents to apply for full time or part time degree program.

We have it made it hard quizzes, exams and projects. Our mission is to strong foundation of students studying hard. The students will not be able to pass the exams without managed time to study everyday. Our goal is to make strong Muslim community leaders, that they can later work in the similar field.

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Yes, we are Muslims, our priority is brotherhood and help each other in best manner to make sure our students understands properly and also can get help from other students. ALIM does not treat it’s students like strict institution, but the main goal is to spread the Deen and help others. The students with least English are welcome to study, we offer support in multi languages.

When you will enroll into courses, the course page will include pdf format books and study links and external links to contents for related course supplemental to have wide options to research and study.

If you are looking for degree in Islam then this is not a place for you. We want our students to have strong intention to lead humanity towards good with strong foundation to learn and teach others later. May be a student will get degree by cheating, but as Muslim it will not satisfy his/her soul. Cheating in Islam is Haram, a student can pass the course by cheating and get degree in the world, but in Aakhirah it is zero in the eyes of Allah. Working hard and taking exams with closed book is a honesty and satisfies the soul makes more proud of him/her self rather than cheating.

The Diploma programs are 4-8 weeks courses with time restrictions.

All major Degree programs on ALIM are self paced, flexible. There is no time restriction or due dates. The students are free to study and take quizzes, exams and submit assignments according to their own schedules. There are no due dates or dead lines. Start and finish anytime on all Degree and certificate programs.

There will be same format of quizzes and midterm and final exams as degree courses. The system will auto grade the quizzes and exams.

ALIM University is online website only, offering traditional Islamic courses programs.

Diploma Courses
Free diploma courses are short courses from 4-8 weeks restricted time.

Degree Program
All degree programs are 100% flexible programs, start and finish anytime without restrictions or due dates.

Certificate Program
All certification programs are 100% flexible programs, start and finish anytime without restrictions or due dates.

Alim Course Alimah Program
All Alim courses and Alimah programs are 100% flexible programs, start and finish anytime without restrictions or due dates.

There is a financial aid plan offer for degree and certificate programs.

Start up: Admission Application Fee + 1st installment

If the application is approved, then you pay only least payment as $100. Monthly installment of $100 or pay as you move on to your studies without payment dead line.

The startup of program is only

$50+$100= $150

Tuition Payment

Once the program or course is activated, there will be monitor and logs recorded of student progress report and will be automatically recorded into their entire course data report. The student will receive auto fail, if there is no record showed in entire program, but showing at the last days of exams. As there will be weekly quizzes, writing assignments, midterm and final. It shows the true intention and dedications to studies from their timely schedules and progress report. The students has upload their weekly writing assignments and keep themselves updated. Full-time students will simply follow the format of academic calendar and for part-time students their format of study will start form the day their course is registered and follow the weekly formats on self paced study.

There is no time restrictions or scheduled classes. It is self paced and you can set your own schedule when to study.

ALIM has monitoring system of recording of entire activity when logged on site, including login, logout and the time spent on his course. Example, if a student register in course, but never showed and logon on day of quiz of exam the system will automatically fail the course, based on the interest. Example a student will login everyday, it will show his true interest in studying, unlike just logon on exam day and pass the exam by cheating.

There is no requirement for free diploma courses. There will be requirements of documentation those want to enroll in degree programs, due to depends on number of students applications, we will try our best to process the application soon and have you start the program.

ALIM is one time per semester or per course based only.

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We have created a very simple procedure of learning even for basic knowledge of computer and English. Simple register and start your program.

The Quizzes, Midterm and Final exams will be taken online accordingly to schedule. It will be unlocked day of exam or for those studying part time. There will be weekly quizzes, assignments, midterm and final exam project will be available on course page. The quizzes, midterm and final exams are closed book, will have time limit on midterm and final exam. There will be about 25-50 multiple choice questions on midterm and about 75-100 questions on final exam, depends on the course you are taking. there will be different format for free diploma courses and degree courses.

There will be weekly quizzes with writing assignments. Midterm will have about 50 questions along with writing assignment project. The final will be similar format with about 100 questions and writing assignment project.

Yes, ALIM is a private, non-profit organization educational online institution, offering traditional Islamic courses online. Currently there is no physical campus except offering Islamic courses online.

There is no live classes, due to students around the world with different times and hard to control thousands of students. There will be course material and guidelines on how to study. It will have course outline, text books pdf, existing available content on internet like YouTube, will be more based on research and assignments, quizzes, midterm, final exam and final thesis project.

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ALIM University programs and courses are online only with complete professionally developed structure and academic format.

The students are not allowed to open the quiz before the time else the system will have log file shows your opening time of quiz. Midterm and final exams section will be unlocked according to schedule.

ALIM does not offer refund, the students are required to ask questions and send emails for any questions before payment.

Due to security reasons and several issues, some people try to abuse the system or misuse by going thru data and later request refund.

We have created a system made it convenient for students to study from laptop or phone or tablet. The students must have stable internet connection during the time of quizzes and exams.

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ALIM University Degree Programs
Undergraduate Admission
Graduate Admission
ALIM PhD Program
ALIM Jurist Program

There will be different types of structure are offered for full-time students and part-time self paced students. ALIM has flexible structure of study of program. The full-time students will follow the academic calendar at it has entire year structure of study. Each semester will have 6 courses and students will also have choice to either go thru academic calendar following confirm format or the students will have the choice to study part-time still will be allowed to choice entire semester courses or can even choose few and study slowly. There is broad flexibility provided to students to have opportunity, not be disappointed, rather choose what ever they like. But it is recommended to follow the format according to academic calendar.

ALIM education and courses are based in English, but we offer support in multi languages thru email or chat.

ALIM University does not follow or restrict itself to any Madhhab and does not restrict to particular group. ALIM University education system is purely based on education directly from Quran and Hadith without restricting to one madhhab. ALIM students will be learning thru directly from the Quran and Hadith and thru research thru different madhhabs.

ALIM University is an online traditional Islamic university online only. Currently there is no physical campus, till further notice and management and faculty are operating throughout the world from different countries.