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There is no requirement for Diploma courses are free Islamic courses online , can start anytime, as long as the students understands it. Degree courses are required first to be registered and required documents to apply for full time or part time degree program.

Yes, we are Muslims, our priority is brotherhood and help each other in best manner to make sure our students understands properly and also can get help from other students. ALIM does not treat it’s students like strict institution, but the main goal is to spread the Deen and help others. The students with least English are welcome to study, we offer support in multi languages.

ALIM University is online only with available academic programs.

ALIM has monitoring system of recording of entire activity when logged on site, including login, logout and the time spent on his course. Example, if a student register in course, but never showed and logon on day of quiz of exam the system will automatically fail the course, based on the interest. Example a student will login everyday, it will show his true interest in studying, unlike just logon on exam day and pass the exam by cheating.

ALIM is one time per semester or per course based only. There is no registration fee, except to pay for course and start your program.

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We have created a very simple procedure of learning even for basic knowledge of computer and English. Simple register and start your program.

Yes, ALIM is a private, non-profit organization institution, fully accredited institution. As a private university, we rely heavily on private donations, contributions, and tuition to provide nationally-recognized education for our students. With the minimum tuition than any other intuition with aim to encourage anyone to join and enjoy programs.

ALIM University offers countless resources to ensure student success, including, but not limited to, multi programs, dedicated advisor support, ongoing career services for alumni, and numerous opportunities to build student communities – both online and in-person.

There is no registration fee. You will pay only for semester or selected course.  Simple apply and start your education.

There will be course material and guidelines on how to study. It will have course outline, text books pdf, existing available content on internet like YouTube, will be more based on research and assignments, quizzes, midterm, final exam and final thesis project.

ALIM does not offer refund, the students are required to ask questions and send emails for any questions before payment.
Due to security reasons and several issues, some people try to abuse the system or misuse by going thru data and later request refund.

This is registration-free university with strong based foundation based on strong academics to build serious leaders and there is one time semester fee only.

ALIM education and courses are based in English, but we offer support in multi languages thru email or chat.

ALIM University does not follow or restrict itself to any Madhhab and does not restrict to particular group. ALIM University education system is purely based on education directly from Quran and Hadith without restricting to one madhhab. ALIM students will be learning thru directly from the Quran and Hadith and thru research thru different madhhabs.

ALIM University is officially in New York, USA

ALIM management and faculty are operating throughout the world from different backgrounds.