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Free Diploma Courses

Free Islamic Courses For Beginners

Free Islamic Courses For Beginners curriculum is a compilation of courses for those has a basic knowledge of Islam. Muslim and New Muslim converts and new reverts looking to start from a point where the education begins with basic fundamentals of Islam towards high education and in depth study of Islam.

The Free Islamic courses with basic knowledge can take advantage of free courses before starting academic career with aim to achieve degree and become source of guidance for others. Also there are wide range of options provided to choose from the list of free Islamic courses online and get diploma.

-Basic Arabic
-Quran Courses For Beginners
-Tajweed Courses For Beginners
-Aqeedah Courses For Beginners
-Hadith Courses For Beginners
-Islamic History Courses For Beginners
-Fiqh Of Worship Courses For Beginners
-Fiqh Of Transactions Courses For Beginners
-Islamic Law Courses For Beginners

FREE Islamic Courses Online
The free Islamic courses online Diploma programs are not a seminary styled, but in the way it is been design is academically developed university style. The students has to pass quizzes, midterm and final exams and receive passing grades in order to receive Islamic course Diploma online.

We encourage to start your career by choosing basic education and diploma programs in order to move towards high and advance levels in Islamic studies online.


Free Islamic Courses Online

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