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Free Diploma Courses

Free Islamic Courses For Convert Muslims

The courses are design and compiled in away that new Muslims can learn from basic Islamic courses. Fundamentals Of Islam Testimony Of Faith courses towards advances and pillars of Islam and pillars of Imaan.

The New Convert Islamic Courses Online will be not limited to just beginning, but as the education gradually moves on, the new Muslim Islamic courses will also gradually move towards advance studies going bit deep in study.

The New Convert Muslim Islamic Courses also includes
-Basic Arabic
-Quran Courses For New Converts
-Tajweed Courses For New Converts
-Aqeedah Courses For Converts
-Hadith Courses For Converts
-Islamic History Courses For Converts
-Fiqh Of Worship Courses For Converts
-Fiqh Of Transactions Courses For New Converts
-Islamic Law Courses For New Converts
-Common Questions Asked BY Non Muslims

FREE Islamic Courses Online Diploma Programs

Islamic Courses for New Converts are wide ranged from basic towards advance levels. we encourage new convert Muslims start their education in Islamic studies online free diploma programs.



Free Islamic Courses Online

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