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Bachelors Degree In Islamic History

Bachelor’s degree in Islamic history is an undergraduate level study of Islamic history. This discipline will educate the students with Islamic history, the history of Muslims, and the regions they ruled. In Islamic history, the followers of Islam influenced political history, economic history, and military history. Interested candidates must have cleared the intermediate exam to be eligible to get admission in this course of study. The course content consists of communication skills in English, reading literature in English, the perspective of social sciences, Muslim Historiography, Literature, and contemporary issues, informatics, Emergence of Islam and Caliphate, Foundation of Islamic culture, The Umayyah and Abbasiyah, Muslims in Europe, Islamic Economics and many others. It is necessary for each nation to be aware of its original history. This course is designed to educate Muslim students about their well-renowned history. The young generation can learn many beneficial things by being aware of its history.

The course enables its graduates to understand the reasons for their fall as a nation, ways to remove those reasons, and strive to restore the prosperity of the nation. Knowledge of history keeps the passion and courage alive in the hearts of the youth. This course aims to awaken this spirit in Muslim youth that will help them in their development as a nation as well as in the promotion of Islam. Bachelor’s degree holders can go for a higher level of degree to become teachers or lecturers. It also provides a good foundation for the students for further research. The employment areas for the graduates of this program include Art galleries, Colleges and universities, Madarsa (Islamic School), News and Media, etc. The career opportunities include Content Developer Islamic History, Data history analyst, Teacher, Writer, Trainor, and Translator. A great opportunity for the students interested in learning in-depth knowledge of Islamic History.


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