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Masters Degree In Hadith, Science Of Hadith

Master’s degree in Hadith is a program that provides its students more in-depth knowledge and explanation of Hadiths with authentic references. It also provides the competency and proficiency to explain and interpret the science of Hadith and its specific terminologies and to determine the validity of Hadith. The program will make the students capable to apply the science of Hadith to solve everyday problems. A Master’s Degree in Hadith is being offered by ALIM University online. The mode of study consists of coursework and research. The topics course content includes Tawheed (Oneness of God), Humanity, Civilization, Innovative thinking in Islamic perspective, studies in authentic Hadiths, Research methodology in Islamic Sciences, Studies in Fabricated Hadith, Study in the analytical and Substantive Hadith, Studies in the Maladies of al-Hadith, Dissertation, Thesis, etc.

In today’s era, due to the popularity of social media, differentiation between fake and original Hadiths has become difficult. It is, therefore, necessary to take a course or program that provides the knowledge about differentiating authentic and original Hadiths from fake ones. Master’s Degree in Hadith is such a program being conducted at ALIM University to train its students to become familiar with authentic Hadiths and differentiate them from fake ones. Having enough knowledge of authentic Hadiths is essential for all of us so that we can live our lives in the light of their explanations. Every Muslim who wants to educate himself with the advanced knowledge of Hadiths and their explorations should get enrolled in this program. You don’t have to go to any institution or physical university for this course, because it is accessible online easily by ALIM University. Your enrollment is just one click away.


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