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Masters Degree In Islamic Banking And Finance

Master’s degree in Banking is an entirely new discipline designed according to the requirements of modern ages together with following the Islamic rules of banking and finance. It integrates various aspects of banking as a field of study in the economic way of handling finances. The course imparts all the advanced levels of relevant knowledge in the wide banking career for students. The Master’s degree in banking is structured to introduce quality knowledge and reliable skills as well as a profound understanding of effective management for all the financial organizations throughout the world. Banking is an industry that spans beyond the academic aspect. It is a multidisciplinary field that deals with the financial, structural, asset, and risk management roles of banks. The learned skills of this course are applied in investment banks, consultants, auditors, service companies, finance departments, central banks, multinational financial organizations, etc.

A Master’s degree in banking is the most high-profile discipline that will ultimately shape up the career of its graduates. The students having a Bachelor’s degree in the field of banking are eligible to apply for this course. The course outline includes bank financial management, corporate finance, essential quantitative finance, financial instruments, money and banking, Islamic banking, research methods for banking and finance, etc. The final graduates will develop a complete understanding of modern finance theory and practice with a particular focus on the performance and regulation of the banks. ALIM University is offering training in banking management, accounting, and in-depth appreciation of the finance industry. This program will assist to develop critical thinking and decision-making techniques making them enable to appraise investment strategies, bank operations as well as risk management as per Islamic rules. The degree holders will be able to create a bright future foe for themselves as there is a variety of career opportunities in this field.


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