Ph.D in Islamic Studies

Requirement to apply in Ph.D program is Masters in Islamic Studies.

Basic or Medium English does not qualify to apply for a Ph.D.

MA in English language or equivalent.
Have been in ministry for at least 3 years
Oral evaluation and exam through Zoom Meeting.
2 References official letters by ministry professional.
Application fee $100, non-refundable, includes proposal of personal statement letter and thesis proposal 5 pages.

ALIM has developed a plan to offer a Ph.D program, after graduating in an MA program. The students will have a choice to choose either field.
The Ph.D Doctorate degree will require 45 credits of course completion and 15 credits for dissertation presentation up to 100 pages research project with evidence and defenses.

There will be oral exam and interview on defense and evidence on research project.

The program is 3 years, can finish sooner in 2 years.
The Ph.D program tuition is

Application: $100
Ph.D. program: $6000/Payment Plan Available
Dissertation: $1,000
Transcript: $100
Graduation Kit: $300

TOTAL: $7,500

If the application and proposal is approved,

Fee Schedule

Down payment $1,000
Monthly $300

Last Updated 21 Nov, 2022