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PhD in Islamic Studies

PhD in Islamic Studies unveils a multidisciplinary view of all aspects of Islam. This program offers an Islamic academic approach that integrates theoretical methods that have developed in the modern academic study of Islam relating to traditional education from Quran and Hadith and produce modern academically research project going through different aspects and produce thesis.

Doctorate in Islamic Studies, this field seeks to train specialists in Islamic Studies on academically qualified in research projects. The PhD Doctorate in Islamic Studies, is designed to prepare students to reach to an academic level as professor and teacher and do research in the traditional Islamic education, cultures, literatures, doctrines and ritual practices and study humanity in Islam, as well as the social and political articulations of Islam.

PhD/Doctorate in Islamic studies online program requirement is equivalent or Masters in English and Islamic Studies.

-MA in English or equivalent
-Graduated in Alim Course/University Islamic Masters Degree
-Instructor at Islamic Educational Institution for at least 1-2 years
-2 References official letters by officials from educational institution/organization.
-Application must be attached with history academic work completed.
-Application fee $100, non-refundable.
-Video Interview for evaluation

Doctorate in Islamic Studies

ALIM has developed a plan to offer a PhD in Islamic studies online after graduating in the MA program.
The PhD Doctorate degree will require 45 credits of course completion and 15 credits for dissertation presentation up to 100-200 pages research project with evidence and defenses.

There will be an oral exam and interview on defense and evidence of the research project.

The program is 3 years, can finish sooner in 2 years.

PhD in Islamic Studies Online Cost

Doctorate program: $2000/Payment Plan
Application: $100
Dissertation: $200
Transcript: $100
Certificate: $100

TOTAL: $2,500

If the application is approved,

Down payment $500
Flexible Installments

APPLY TODAY If you qualify

Pay Fees, Tuition, Installment

The application depends on registrar office and management to accept/reject. Application fee is non-refundable. Once the application is submitted, the registrar office will contact to schedule and interview. All information submitted will be verified through the video interview.

May 14, 2024 EST