PhD in Islamic Studies

Requirement to apply for PhD in Islamic studies online program is Masters in Islamic Studies.

Basic or Medium English does not qualify to apply for a PhD.

MA in English language or equivalent.
Have been in ministry for at least 2 years
Oral evaluation and exam through Zoom Meeting.
2 References official letters by ministry.
Application fee $100, non-refundable, includes proposal of personal statement letter and thesis proposal 5 pages.

ALIM has developed a plan to offer a PhD in Islamic studies online after graduating in MA program. The students will have a choice to choose either field.
The PhD Doctorate degree will require 45 credits of course completion and 15 credits for dissertation presentation up to 100-200 pages research project with evidence and defenses.

There will be oral exam and interview on defense and evidence on research project.

The program is 3 years, can finish sooner in 2 years.
The PhD in Islamic Studies Online Program tuition is

Application: $100
PhD program: $6000/Payment Plan Available
Dissertation: $1,000
Transcript: $100
Graduation Kit: $300

TOTAL: $7,500

If the application and proposal is approved,

Fee Schedule

Down payment $1,000
Monthly $300

Last Updated 21 Nov, 2022