Mufti Course Online

Requirement to apply in Mufti Course program is MA in Fiqh major from ALIM University.

ALIM has development a plan to offer Jurist Mufti Course Online Program, after graduating in MA program in Fiqh major. The students will have choice to choose either field.

Mufti Course Online Program

Mufti Course Curriculum program is designed for candidates to go further in studies and will be fully familiar with Islamic laws by researching thru multi resources.

The candidates will have to do research thru Islamic laws thru Quran, tafsir, hadith and authentic traditions of the Prophet SAW and then going thru different madhhab’s entire verdicts and rulings on issues and present their views on evidence and arguments.

As we are living in modern times and there are more social issues appearing, majority are misguided due to restricting to one school of thoughts.

ALIM Mufti course online program will have a chance to dig deeply into every madhhab’s verdict traditions and compare to authentic sources and how is it applied to modern issues.

ALIM Mufti course online program is designed for three to fours years of minimum study, that would require providing evidence and defense statements by applying the traditional law and rules on modern social issues.

The Mufti degree will require three to fours years of study.

The program will continue for about three to four years after MA.

The entire Mufti Course program is $5000
Exams and preparing $1000
Transcript $100

27 Sep 2021