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Mufti Course Online

Mufti Course Online Program, Darul IFTA Course Online Program is a stage of a Muslim Scholar who has completed their years Alim Course or Masters in Islamic Studies. The program is developed for those looking forward to move ahead with further advance studies in the field of Muslim Counseling and will be officially capable to issue their fatwa based on Quran and Hadith and research through different schools of thought. ALIM Mufti Course is not based on or linked with other particular school of thought. The student will be required to do research through different schools of thought and present their opinion with evidence, comparison in details and produce references without restricting to one madhhab will be rejected, as the ALIM Mufti program required research through deep. The students will be provided with hundreds of questions to find answers based on different madhahibs.

Requirement to apply in Mufti Course program is MA in Islamic Studies.

Mufti Course Online

Admission Requirement and Process

-Has strong character in Taqwa, sincerity, humbleness, manners
-Sincerity to please Allah by serving humanity.
-Full-time/Part-time served 1-2 years with Masjid/institution.
-Understand Quran Arabic.
-Completed Quran Tafsir.
-Completed books of Bukhari and Muslim.
-2 References official letters by officials.
-Oral evaluation interview and exam through Zoom.
-Complete Quran memorization not required.
-Application fee $100, non-refundable.

Darul Iftaa Program

ALIM has developed a plan to offer Mufti Course Online Program with strong foundation without restricting to any particular sect or madhhab.

Mufti Course Curriculum program is designed for candidates who want to go further in their studies and will be fully familiar with Islamic laws. The candidates will have to do research through Islamic law through Quran, tafsir, hadith and authentic traditions of the Prophet SAW and then going through different madhahib verdicts and rulings on issues and present their own details, evidence and arguments.

As we are living in modern times and there are more social issues appearing, majority are misguided due to restricting to one school of thought but rather guide accordingly to situations based on linking to foundation of Islam.

Mufti course online program will have a chance to dig deeply into every madhhab’s verdict traditions and compare to authentic sources and how is it applied to modern and contemporary sensitive issues.

Mufti course online program is designed for about 2-3 years of minimum study and research, that would require providing evidence and defense statements by applying the traditional law and rules on current social and contemporary issues. The entire program is in English.

Darul Iftaa Course Online

The program consists of research, writing and oral exams; comparisons between schools of thought, and presenting brief details on issues. There are no live classes; there will be numerous oral exams, assignments and projects in and writing through zoom. The course program is based on self-study with provided format and syllabus. It will required to write and answer about estimated 10,000+ questions evidence from Quran, Hadith, early generation scholars and then present own details on the bases of accept or reject fatwa of other school of thought, required references.

Mufti Program Cost

Mufti Program: $2000/Payment Plan Available
Application: $100
Exams and Writings: $300
Certificate: $100

TOTAL: $2,500

If the application, interview is approved,

Down payment $500
Flexible Installments

The application depends on registrar office and management to accept or reject. Application fee is non-refundable. Once the application is submitted, the registrar office will contact to schedule and interview. Make sure all history and documents are submitted including proposal or previous academic work completed and will be verified through interview.

Alim Course Admission

Policy Updated
10 Dec, 2022