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Masters Degree In Aqeedah

Master’s degree in Aqeedah is a graduate-level program consisting of coursework, thesis preparation, and a Master’s thesis in the final semester. The regular course duration is two years, however, students may complete it within one and a half years also. It is a great opportunity for the students who have a Bachelor’s degree in the field and want to enhance their knowledge, understanding, and skills about religion. This degree course will enable the students to be more efficient and effective in speech and writing. Acquiring a higher education is also beneficial for those who want to enter the working field. It will assist them to achieve valuable and respected positions. ALIM University is now offering a Master’s degree in Aqeedah online, so this is a good time to get a higher education degree in the most reputed field of study by staying at home.

The course content includes Aqeedah, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer, Orientalism, Contemporary Fiqh Issues, Arabic communication skills, International relations, Arabic Literature, Thesis preparation and Research, and MA thesis. All these subjects will be taught to students in different semesters. Some of the various career opportunities for the graduates of this discipline include Preacher, Khateeb, Teaching in college and university, Teaching in Madarsa (Islamic School), etc. The graduates of this course will be able to make their faith strong and will be a source of spreading the knowledge of religion in society. So, acquiring knowledge of this course of study can be a source of Sadqa-e-Jatiyah (continuous charity) that will help a Muslim on the Day of Resurrection. This course can be an extremely valuable asset for you and the people surrounding you. Click the “apply now” button, get your registration done in this field of study and make the rest of your life worth living.


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