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Masters Degree In Dawah

A Master’s degree in Da’wah is a discipline of the study of the highest standard that will develop a firmly rooted knowledge foundation for the Islamic Da’wah movement. Students with a Bachelor’s degree in the field are eligible to get enrolled in this program. The main objective of this course is to provide the students with the knowledge of the methods, sources, and principles of Da’wah, enabling them to realize the values of their Muslim identity and to commence the process of cultivating personal understanding and inviting to the straight path of Allah. It will enhance the student’s capability for understanding and attachment to the core values and requirements of faith under his enhanced familiarity with fundamental Islamic values. The course will prepare the students with interpersonal, practical, and professional skills that will enable them to relate to society to convey the message of Allah.

The course outline includes Research methodology, The call to Tawheed, The Fundamental Principles of Da’wah and the Preachers, The History of Da’wah and the Preachers, Contemporary issues in Da’wah, Means and methods of Da’wah, Methodologies of Da’wah, Religions, and Schools of thought, Muslim Sects, Contemporary Schools of thoughts and Movement, and Thesis. On the completion of the degree, graduates will be able to demonstrate the advanced knowledge and skills in Da’wah including competence to deal with related classical sources in the field. Students will develop the capability to apply relevant guidance and methods in Da’wah to deal with the current issues. Students will become skillful in solving the problems analytically and critically by applying knowledge, principles, and skills in Da’wah. They will develop the skills to carry out comparative studies which involve Islamic thought, religions, and Humanities. This high-quality course can be accessed online at ALIM University. Don’t miss the chance and get registered right now.


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