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Message From Founder

The admission process is very simple, simply follow the steps,

Assalaamu Alaikum

Fifteen years ago, when Allah guided me to become a practicing Muslim, my concept of meaning of life changed from duniya to Akhirah. I had dream and vision to develop a system of education that would benefit humanity with pure sincerity to please our Creator and forward the mission of Prophetﷺ. After fifteen years, only by the will of Allah and help, I was able to complete my dream.

The time we are living now, Islam has become very complicated due to divisions and sects in Islam. Not only non-Muslims as well as Muslims with basic knowledge of Islam are getting misguided to divisions by following their sect leaders. Islam teaches to worship One God and stick to the Sahih traditions of the Prophetﷺ. ALIM’s education is built purely on Quran and Hadith, without following any particular sect’s education system or following any group.

My aim and goal is to build strong foundation for next generation and protection from misguidance by providing authentic knowledge of Islam.
May Allah accept, Ameen

~Dr. Ammaar Saeed~

Mission Statement

ALIM’s goal is to build strong foundation of Islam. The graduates will have strong foundation of Islam and will practically involve in communities and start their career, not just for career but to serve Islam and save the humanity.

We will make sure the students graduated, has started their own network or institution and coordinating within communities to gather Muslims to present weekly programs in their local facilities.

The graduates of ALIM will be great strong powerful leaders for next generation.

~Dr. Ammaar Saeed~

Final Message

Nothing is possible without the will of Allah and by the supporters, who helped in completing the project of ALIM UNIVERSITY.

The project was developed with pure sincerity to please Allah to serve humanity to make the Islamic education affordable and with flexibility, that no one would held back due to lack of sources, but rather, we have option for those who cannot afford at all, but still can study under special arrangement in system to provide education just to make it Sadaqah Jariyah. The aim is to continue the mission of the Prophetﷺ to spread the knowledge.

As for the students, has passion of learning Islam and get authentic knowledge, cannot afford. Supporters can donate with intention to pay it forward for the student for them to study continue. We have program setup, where general public can sponsor a student for selected term.

As Muslim, we invest in this Duniya for Akhirah to please The Creator and make this continue charity.

We ask Allah to accept our sincere work and make this Sadaqah Jariyah for students and supports, Ameen

~Dr. Ammaar Saeed~

Donation For Sadaqah Jariyah

There are many students, who love to study to become teacher, Imam, Leader, Scholar, but cannot afford even cannot afford registration fee for free courses. ALIM’s goal and aim is to provide education to please Allah and with intention of Sadaqah Jariyah. We request, help us grow more to provide free education to help others. Please sponsor a student and make Donation what ever you can. Imagine a poor student looking at rich student and wish to study and become Imam, Scholar and Dayee of Islam but left alone due to resources.

May Allah accept your Donation and make this Sadaqah Jariyah, AMEEN

How To Make Donation

Please make Donation Sadaqah Zakah at

Donate Here

May Allah reward kind hearted Muslims and make this Sadaqah jariyah and investment for yuor Akhirah. Ameen

Jazakum’Allah Khair