ALIM Mission

ALIM’s mission is to help and  encourage Muslims and non-Muslims to learn what Islam really teaches. ALIM is not just for Muslims, our doors are open for everyone interesting in seeking authentic knowledge about Islamic. ALIM has provided free registration and tuition-free academic degree thru one time paying per semester. Knowledge is a power and protection from misguidance towards other paths that is not authentic.

ALIM system of education built a methodology purely on Quran and authentic traditions goes back to the Prophet SAW. Our mission is to remove divisions and labeling and restricting yourself to particular group, rather be neutral and independent but do not rely one one source of education.

Our mission is to spread the knowledge in a way that won’t be hassle in the matters of financial and complications, rather make it simple as possible. The more the simple system is, more the students feel comfortable to register and simply start their program and enjoy and as a facility, we offer support in multi languages more than English to get help understanding.

ALIM Vision

ALIM vision to spread authentic education of Islam to humanity. We view and treat everyone in same manner without differentiating between races or color, background. Our goal and target is to reach throughout  the world and make it possible to start Islam from scretch and not be among those who are misguided by diving in to sects of Islam. ALIM does not believe in sect or division and labeling system or promote nay particular groups in Islam.

ALIM  has teachers and management from different backgrounds and educated from different sources of education systems, but on ALIM no one is allowed to create a abnormal atmosphere among the ALIM community and get along with other members like a family working under one house thru support, help, suggesting and guiding.

ALIM Future Plan

ALIM has founded in 2021 and has many plans setup for future by consulting with advisory board of committee on how to make it better and present more offers that would bring more programs and community works to adapt the education into practical life experience.

ALIM has planned to make a requirement from a students to academically present their official lectures and learn public speaking and create own media on internet. As the goal and aim of education in Islam is not to sit home, but to utilize it to serve the humanity. Students will be trained practically to move out on streets and learn talking to those, who doesn’t have much knowledge in Islam or misguided into sect and restricted themselves with particular group.

Dawah And Community

Students will not be only researching assignments and theory and exams but also students will be required, in order to achieve grades and increase final scores, students will be required to join officially with local Dawah org or masjid and start Dawah management with consultation with local management and inviting other youths to join the team.

Students will be required to serve humanity thru feeding homeless, providing food and clothing by joining local teams. The student will be asked to produce dawah videos and humanity serving videos to add grades. The point is not of  getting grades, but the point is to make students understand, what really Islam teaches, is to serve humanity and convey message of true Islam.

The students will get practice in communicating and interacting with Muslims and non-Muslims while they will be learning about comparative religions, going thru services, the student will get chance to correct their mistakes in Dawah and and learn manners and etiquettes of conveying a peaceful message of Islam.