Free Islamic Courses Online Diploma

Fundamentals of Faith, Islam101, ISM101
This is a free Diploma Course and introductory designed for Muslims as
well new converts with least Islamic knowledge and looking for advance
toward higher education and have a wish to become student of knowledge
of Islam and becomes guidance of others. The course is designed a in a
way the students will dip deep in to each topic and thru research the
students will be explore more and especially, get familiar with
exploring in academic writing of their understanding.
Fundamentals Of Tawheed, Islam102, ISM102
Aqeedah is Tawqeefiyah (which means that) beliefs cannot be established
except with a proof from the Sharee’ah (religious texts) there is no
room for opinion and speculation.
The sources of Aqeedah are therefore restricted to what is mentioned in
the Book and the Sunnah (Ahadeeth of the Prophet) because no one is more
knowledgeable than Allah about the obligations due to Him and what He is
free from -and after Allah -no one knows more about Allah other than His
Quran And Science, Islam103, ISM103
This course is designed especially for new converts or for Muslims with
least knowledge of Islam, especially for those to learn about scientific
proof from Quran. This book is specifically written for non-Muslims to
help them better understand Islam. Some of the topics in this book are:
– Evidence that Islam is a true religion. – Proofs that the Qur’an is
the literal word of God. – Scientific miracles in the Qur’an with
scientific illustrations. – Why Muhammad is truly a prophet sent by God?
– Some benefits of Islam. – General information on Islam. – Pillars of
faith. – Correction of some misconceptions about Islam. – The status of
women in Islam.