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Bachelors Degree In Islamic Banking And Finance

Bachelor’s degree in Banking is being offered by the diligent staff of ALIM University with the main focus on educating its students with the rules of Islamic banking. This program will help them to develop a clear understanding of finance, credit, lending, and management. Graduates of this degree will be able to find various career opportunities in the financial industry which may include loan officer, credit analyst, loan workout officer, bank manager. The core objective of this degree is to develop the professional skills and competencies essential for finance and banking. Students will also be able to learn other business administration principles in addition to banking. This course which is being provided by ALIM University will give the students a strong foundation and a crystal-clear understanding of the business, banking, and finance industry. The coursework topics include banking laws, economics, credit, international trade, corporate finance, banking practices, etc.

The students who have administrative and banking skills, and have a keen interest in being a part of the banking industry, this course of study can be their choice. In today’s era, no department is working on an interest-free basis whether it is the public sector or private because every department has to deal with banks directly or indirectly. The goal of this discipline is to promote Islamic banking in the vicinity of the Muslim community to create an interest-free banking environment. The international perspective of this discipline is that the students gain knowledge and competencies which permit them to pursue successful careers in the field of finance, insurance, or banking. This course provides a high-quality learning experience to its graduates. The final graduates are trained professionals capable to work at different levels of incorporation, insurance companies, banks, administrative departments, brokerage companies, etc. Interested persons can enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in banking easily by applying online.


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