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Yassarn-al-Quran Course Online

The yassarn al quran course is a beginner-level course for kids, new Muslims and for those who don’t have prior knowledge of recitation but are interested to start learning recitation of the Holy Quran. However It is consisting of simpler text (Lughat) and studied worldwide. This Lughat is the primary key to recite the Holy Quran. Generally This Lughat have two sections. That lead the students from the recognition of basic Arabic alphabets to joining the words. In addition, emphasis is on accurate pronunciation. Once the student has developed the mastery of this course, he will able to recite the Holy Quran properly with the correct pronunciation.

So You can easily equip your kid with this basic, precious course at ALIM University online. The course content is educating the kid about the recognition of letters (Arabic alphabet), methods of joining letters, introducing him to Tajweed rules. such as tashdid, Makhraj, Meem, and Noon Saakin, Maddah words, etc. Proper lessons and tests will conduct in step-by-step process to make the learning interactive. On the course completion kid will be proficient in letters recognition, compound words, ready to start learning Quran recitation with Tajweed rules, with the correct pronunciation. Proper guidance to beginners is also provided when needed.

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yassarn al quran course

yassarn al quran course


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