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Umrah And Hajj Course

Just like Salah, Fasting, and Zakat, Hajj is an obligatory Ibadah for Muslims. Who can afford traveling and its expenses. However Hajj cannot be performed rightly without having a piece of detailed information about its Manasik. So, if you are planning to go for Hajj or Umrah, this course can be beneficial for you. If you are not going for Hajj, you can educate other Muslims who are going for this sacred purpose. This will be Sadqa-e-Jariah for you. You can get access to this precious course Hajj Online Course conducted by ALIM University.

Generally The outline of this course comprises of educating about the difference between Hajj and Umrah, types of Hajj, Meeqat, method of Hajj, precautions of Ihram, types of Tawaf. As well as Situations in which Dam becomes wajib, Rulings and teaching about the dam, Instructions about the Hajj of women, discussion of all the Manasiks of Hajj step by step, prayers during Hajj, practical advice and tips. This course will prove as a best guide for you to complete this sacred journey in a way that is prescribed by Shariah. Now Join this course to make this sacred journey of Hajj or Umrah more sacred by performing all its Manasiks as ordered by Allah and taught by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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Hajj and Umrah course

Hajj and Umrah course


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