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 Prophetic Stories Course Diploma

Prophetic Stories Diploma is an online program to educate Muslims with the historical stories of different Prophets. That mentioned in the Holy Quran. So The aim assists the students to develop an interest in the lives of Prophets and follow in their footsteps. However The course is attractive to children because they take more interest in listening to stories. Both adults and children can access this course. First confirm their registration at ALIM University and fill up the required details.

Generally The course outline comprises of stories of different Prophets such as Musa (A S), Ibrahim (A S), Ismail (A S), Yousuf (A S), and some others mentioned in the Holy Quran. As well as  their brief introduction, their miracles, incidents of their preach to their nation, the punishment was given to their nations in return of humiliating behavior to their prophets. The structure of this diploma course consists of lessons, discussions, question-answer sessions, tests, quizzes. And final exams to thoroughly assess the student’s level of learning. If you have an interest in the knowledge of historical stories prophets, their lives, and miracles, this course is for you. You can register your kid also to make him able to develop his interest in Prophetic Lives at an early age.

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Prophetic Stories Diploma

Prophetic Stories Diploma


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