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Tadabbur Al Quran Course

Tadabbur Al-Quran Course is an advanced level course to embellish the students with an advanced, detailed, extensive knowledge of the Quran, its translation and Tafseer. However For Muslims who want to flourish and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran. Therefore this course will prove an asset to them. ALIM University is now going to conduct this highly desirable course online for all Muslims who are willing to get the advantage of this precious chance. Get registered as soon as possible, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

So The course content includes Quran Recitation, word to word translation, Tarakeeb (Nahwi Tarakeeb of Ayahs, Tafseer, getting knowledge from more than one Tafaseers, educating about the related Ahadith, pondering over the lesson etc. The course structure comprises lessons, exercises, discussions, quizzes, tests, question-answer sessions, and final exams. On completion of Tadabbur Al-Quran course, students will be able to develop the skills to translate Quranic Ayahs word by word, and also sentence-wise, develop an understanding of detailed Tafseer, and build up the ability to do Nahwi Tarakeeb of Quranic Ayahs efficiently. Registration for this course is open now. Enroll yourself and your children in this worth learning course and serve the religion of Allah, Islam.

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Tadabbur Al Quran Course

Tadabbur Al Quran Course


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