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Taawwuz Tasmiah Recitation Program

The program is for new Muslims and children starting their Islamic education journey. The course focuses on the importance of saying Tawwuz and Tasmiah before starting the Holy Quran Recitation.However the saying of these words have much importance.these sayings out barkat in your every work and give you benifits. Also it is easy to say and memorize it. Therefore Taawwuz and Tasmiah Recitation Program is a comprehensive program going to be held by ALIM University online.

The outline of this course includes proper Arabic Recitation of Ta’awwuz and Tasmiah, their translation, meaning, related Quranic Ayahs and Ahadiths and their meaning, Nahwi Tarakeeb, the significance of reciting before starting to recite the Holy Quran, the significance of saying Tasmiah before starting any task, blessings achieved by starting any task with Tasmiah. Learning outcomes include developing habits saying Ta’awwuz and Tasmiah before Quran recitation, and starting any work with Tasmiah (Bismillah). The student will gradually develop the habit by practicing recitation of Ta’awwuz and Tasmiah in daily life routine.

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Taawwuz and Tasmiah Recitation Program

Taawwuz and Tasmiah Recitation Program


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