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Sisters in Islam will often get the wrong information about what are their rights and responsibilities according to Islam. Because they will hear all that from people who never tried to read Quran thoroughly and the authentic Hadith books. In order to help these sisters, Alim University has created a few sisters Islamic courses to help sisters. While any of the sisters enrolled in these courses they will get a good company of other sisters where they will lift up Emaan of each other and the faculty and teachers will help them in this so they will never feel alone.

Sisters will be getting to know about the different things which are exclusively related to females. So they can lead a happy and healthy life. Sometimes Islamic sisters will be forced in to thinking that they are created only to provide benefit to the society as a whole but in reality Islam has given so many rights to women but also with some responsibilities and Islamic courses for sisters will help females to understand all of them. They will start giving importance to themselves as they gain the confidence that Allah is equally merciful to them as He is towards men.

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sisters Islamic courses

sisters Islamic courses


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