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Shariah and Islamic Law Course Online

Only the law of Allah, “The Shariah and Islamic law” is best in its applicability to promote peace and justice in this world.It is the law of Islam. Islamic history has witnessed. Until when the Muslims kept following Islamic rules and laws, justice prevailed everywhere. Today, Islamic law only in Arab countriesonly. However Muslim countries need to implement Islamic law and Shariah if they want to eliminate violence and hate from their nation.

Generally The Shariah and Islamic law course is a graduate and post-graduate level program. It is being conducted online at ALIM University and is free of cost. The course focuses on the basics of Islamic law such as Quran, Hadith, Ijma (Consensus), and Qiyas (Analogy), categories of Islamic law. As well as obligatory, recommended, permitted, disliked, or forbidden. So The purpose of the program is to train the students mentally and spiritually to spread justice as per Islamic law. Thus The students have to pass through a process of multiple tests, quizzes, assessments on course completion.And ensure that they are righty meet the criteria of the objective. The right time to get the advantage of this course is right now.

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Shariah and Islamic law


Shariah and Islamic law


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