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Seerah-Al-Nabwiyah Course Online Diploma

Quran 33:21
“And for you in (the life of) Prophet (PBUH) of Allah, is the best model (to follow)”

No one can be a true Muslim without having accepting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the last Prophet of Allah. To be successful in both worlds, this world, and hereafter, Allah has ordered us to follow the Sunnah of His beloved Prophet (PBUH). That is His life (Hayat-e-Tayyaba). For this, we need to know the details of His life.

So Seerah-Al-Nabwiyah Course let us learn a deeper and detailed explanation of the life of the Prophet (PBUH). This is a unique course designed by the competent staff of ALIM University for every Muslim who aspires to enhance their love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The main objective of this program is to let the Muslims have a better understanding of the Prophetic life and to explore the different approaches in resuscitating the spirit of Islam by an in-depth study of Prophetic life. On completion of this course, students may find themselves even more enthusiastic to follow the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Now it’s time for to get registration in this amazingly amazing course completely free of cost.

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Seerah-Al-Nabwiyah Course

Seerah-Al-Nabwiyah Course


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