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Salat-ul-Hajat Online Course

There are many times in the life of a Muslim when he develops a desire for something but despite utilizing all the efforts, is unable to fulfill his desire. In this situation, he becomes hopeless and begins to lose his faith. Therefore Salat-ul-Hajat Online Course is designed to educate Muslims to never lose hope in any situation. Salat-ul-Hajat is a special type of prayer consist of specific supplication and performed to ask Allah to fulfill his desire if it is better for him. Now The course is available now to get free of cost registration online at ALIM University.

Generally The syllabus of this course consists of knowledge about legal and illegal needs or desires, the introduction of Salat-ul-Hajat, its importance, its method, its Rakah. As well as specific supplication made in this prayer, importance of being humble while praying, and asking Allah to fulfill the need if it is better for him. So The structure of this course is theoretical. Which involves the recitation of Salat-ul-Hajat, its translation and Tafseer, its memorization, time of reciting. And the practical approach which involves the practical demonstration on how to perform Salat-ul-Hajat. On course completion, students will be able to recognize legal and illegal needs. And develop the mastery to perform salat-ul-Hajat in the right way as explained by Shariah.

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Salat-ul-Hajat Online Course

Salat-ul-Hajat Online Course


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