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Islamic Charity Sadaqah Jariyah Course

Islamic Charity Sadaqah jariyah Course is going to be started at ALIM University to promote the awareness in Charity and Zakat among Muslims. Therefore The course is perfectly Right to choose for all Muslims to understand the importance and rewards of giving charity. The course will equally benefit the people associated with Zakat or Sadaqah organizations. The course aims at educating the people to give Nafli Sadaqat to the deserving people in need.

So The course content includes a brief introduction of the five pillars of Islam, a detailed understanding of Charity, the difference between Zakat and Charity (Nafli Sadqa).As well as the importance of Zakat and Sadaqat in a Muslim community, rewards by Allah in return for giving charity. Generally The course structure is both-bases and practical–based. Practical mode involves exercises, discussions, question-answer sessions, and a final exam on the course completion. After that The students will able to identify the difference between Zakat and Charity, willing to promote charity awareness to help the needy community, will develop a soul having feelings and care for others. You can get admission by applying online at ALIM University.

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Islamic Charity Course

Islamic Charity Sadaqah jariyah Course


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