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Respect Muslim Parents Program Online

Respect Muslim Parents Program Online is a special type of course that educates and trains the students to give respect and love to their parents regardless of the circumstances. However Parents deserve to be behaved kindly, loved and respected. They have sacrificed their peace, relaxation, and happiness just to see us happy. And They feed us, provide us good food and clothes. Then it becomes our obligation to serve them and love them.

So The focus of the course is to promote kindness, respect and love to parents. Sometimes we may face stressful situations and misbehave with parents in our stress. Therefore We need to learn self–control. Love parents program train its students. And make them develop the skills of patience, self-control and behave kindly to parents even in stressful situations. The course content includes the Quranic significance of behaving with parents kindly, respecting them, taking their responsibilities when they get old and are no longer able to take our responsibility. Registration is open. The course can be accessed online.

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Respect Muslim Parents Program

Respect Muslim Parents Program


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