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Quran Translation Online Course

Online Quran Translation course is the best choice for you. If you intend to understand the Holy Quran word by word. Although it is mandatory to recite Quran in Arabic in Salah, But to acknowledge the meanings of its words and to know the purpose of its revelation. We need to read it with translation. For Non-Arabs, it is difficult to understand its meaning in Arabic. So, they need it to translate in their mother language. Now it has become possible for all to translate the Quran word by word by joining the Online Quran Translation course at ALIM University.

Thus We provide an opportunity to translate Quran into the English language word by word, to make it easy to read and understand. Now You can apply for this translation course online, easily by staying at home. If you are too busy to visit a faraway institute. This course allows you to have a basic understanding of Arabic and its meaning. We have such teachers who teach you in a manner that you can clearly get the translation and then can be able to extract the detailed information of verses in the light of the context, as these verses revealed by Allah.

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Quran Translation course

Quran Translation course


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