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Quran Tarteel Program

Allah has revealed Quran on Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) slowly, slowly word by word. “Tarteel” is mentioned in the book of Allah in the following words
Quran 4:73
وَرَتِّلِ الْقُرْآنَ تَرْتِيْلًا
“And recite the Quran slowly (with Tarteel)” When Allah has revealed His Holy book with Tarteel, then it’s our religious obligation to recite it slowly and clearly (with Tarteel) as ordered by Allah. If we do not know how to recite with Tarteel then we must learn it from Quran tarteel course. Because it is not like any other human-written book. But It is the Holy book of Allah.

Learning to recite Quran with Tarteel has now become easier. When you will join the Quran Tarteel Course offered by ALJM University online. Joining the program is quite easy and simple. The learning outcomes of this program consist of easy and clear recitation, word by word recitation slowly, recitation with accurate Tajweed enabling the students to develop the skills to recite Quran in a professional Qari like accent, understanding the meaning, reason of revelation, and Tafseer of verses. On the course, completion students will be ensured to get post-program support also. The course is planned both for kids and adults who are interested in learning to recite Quran with Tarteel.

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Quran Tarteel Course

Quran Tarteel Course


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