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Quran Tajweed Course Online

There are some rules to do any task. Then how it can be possible that we recite Quran without any specific rules? However the rules for reciting the Holy Quran are called Tajweed rules. They help us reciting the Holy Quran with the correct pronunciation. Reciting the Quran without correct pronunciation after getting awareness is a sinful act. Obviously, for non-Arabs, it is difficult to recite Quran with Tajweed rules and correct pronunciation. But we have to learn these rules from Quran tajweed course to avoid wrong pronunciation while reciting.

Therefore there is a great opportunity to learn reciting the Holy book of Allah with accurate pronunciation by enrolling in the Online Quran Tajweed course conducted by professional staff at ALIM University. Generally the course outline includes the rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween, rules of Meem Sakin, Noon and Meem Mushad, Laam Shamsiyah and Qamriyah, Qalqalah. As well as Heavy and Light Letters, Makhraj and Sifaat and other important rules. Once you have learned to recite the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation. Then your interest in reciting in a beautiful accent will enhance. Kids and adults can equally benefit from this course. So you can enroll yourself or your child to beautify Quran with your voices. The best is now to get registered.

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Quran tajweed course

Quran tajweed course


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