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Qiyamul-Lail Tahajjud Virtuous Course

The Qiyamul-Lail Tahajjud virtuous course is for all the Muslims to educate them about its great importance and blessings. Muslim will know the importance of tahajjud. However Qiyamul-Lail course is going to be held by ALIM University online. The point of focus will be on various blessings of performing Qiyamul-Lail.

So the Qiyamul-Lail Tahajjud virtuous course course content comprises of an introductory lecture on Qiyamul-Lail. As well as its purpose, its right time to perform, its difference in reward from the rest of Salah, discussion on various Ayahs about Qiyamul-Lail mentioned in the Holy Quran. And their detailed explanation, developing an in-depth understanding of this prayer of the night with a discussion of various Hadiths and their details. In addition the Revelation of the sky and of this world at this blessed time every night. Generally the learning outcomes of this program are that students know about the right time to perform this prayer, get more connected to Allah, memorize and able to recite specific prayers that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to recite in Qiyamul-Lail.

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Qiyamul-Lail Tahajjud virtuous course


Qiyamul-Lail Tahajjud virtuous course


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