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Prophetic Medicine Course

The Muslims interested in learning the knowledge of Islamic, and Prophetic medicine can get the Prophetic medicine course. However, the benefits of this valuable course are that the use of Prophetic Medicine is have no side effects. So This course is to support the intellectual and professional skills development of students. Generally, the students are trained to have a fundamental base of Prophetic Medicine and Pharmacognosy. The students will get a better understanding of the knowledge of principles and history of Prophetic medicine.

So ALIM University is conducting an online Prophetic Medicine Course where students will deliver knowledge-based and research-based learning. However, they will develop a better understanding of the history, principles and procedures and methods of preparation of Prophetic Medicine. If you are interested in the medical field, then this course will prove a great choice for you. On the successful completion of the course, students will be able to diagnose the diseases and prescribe the right medicine to cure the disease. They will also be able to prepare some medicines by using natural herbs. One of the unique and beneficial courses is waiting for you. The choice is yours.

Standard ALIM Degree format of about 20 weeks.

Prophetic Medicine Course online

The course includes syllabus, study format, materials, books, videos, writing assignments, projects, research projects, weekly quizzes, midterm exam, midterm writing assignment, final exam and final project.

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