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Productive Muslim Course Online

This course Productive Muslim course is beneficial for all Muslims who want to become productive for community, society and religion. This is a high-value course because of its purpose. However productive Muslims can be helping hands for others, being a reason for them to become productive too. Developing the qualities of a productive Muslim is now possible by this Course Online at ALIM University. However it is Easily accessible and easy to understand.

The course content consists of theoretical lessons on the qualities of a productive Muslim and practical training to provide tips and tricks to adopt those qualities by practicing them until they become a habit. The focus will be on the qualities of speaking the truth, having a great purpose, positive thinking, faith in Allah, kindness, patience, honesty, and many others. The students are advised to adopt one quality a day, practice it the whole day, master it to make it your habit, and adopt the next quality another day to repeat the whole process. After developing all the qualities, habit and implement them practically in daily life routine because Islam is the religion of actions. You can avail of registration to this course which is now available online entirely free of cost.

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Productive Muslim course


Productive Muslim course


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