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Norani Qaidah Course Online

It is very difficult to send kids to institutions for education in this Covid-19 environment. At the same time, there is a loss of the time of little kids who needs to start their basic education. However Many institutions have shifted their most of work online to adjust to the Covid-19 circumstances. So ALIM University also starts Norani Qaidah Course for little kids, adults (beginners) and new Muslims. No need to worry about traveling to the institute as this course will conduct online without any registration fee.

Generally the course will cover very basics of Arabic Lughat. Students will be able to recognize Arabic letters in different shapes and forms. The course out comprises of basic knowledge of Arabic alphabets, Makhraj, Tajweed rules, Haroof-e-Murakbaat, Harkat, standing movement or Vertical Harkaat, Maddah letters, Leen letters and Sukoon, Tashdeed, Tanween. As well as Rules of Noon Saakin and Meem Saakin, and basic Islamic knowledge. Students will also be educated about basic Islamic Ibadah. Such as Salah, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj and some specific prayers. Also prayer for sleeping, awakening, eating and drinking etc. An exercise will conduct at the end of some lessons to assess the student’s learning abilities. Enroll your kids in this program and make their time useful.

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Norani Qaidah Course

Norani Qaidah Course


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