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Muslim Development And Kindness Course

Muslim development and kindness course aims to promote an important virtue of morality that is kindness by training its students to develop the skill of kindness. So this course is available for people of all ages and can be accessed free cost, After the registration online at ALIM University. In the modern world, many bad habits have prevailed. However the purpose of this course is to promote good habits such as kindness in place of bad habits.

Generally the course content consists of an introductory lecture on basic morals of Islam, their brief description, their relation to kindness, understanding kindness with references of Quran and Hadith, its importance. And the beneficial outcomes of its implementation in society. Learning outcomes are remarkable and students adopt the ability of self-control, patience and being kind to everyone. Trained students may educate others after developing proficiency in the field. Therefore the best thing is to practically implement the virtue of kindness in the community to achieve the maximum best results possible. You may reserve your seat because admissions are now open online and accepting applications.

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Muslim development and kindness course

Muslim development and kindness course


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