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Khulafa-e-Rashdin Course Online

The Khulafa-e-rashdin course is to benefit those interested in knowing the lifestyle of Khulafa-e-Rashdin (first for Caliphs of Islam in depth. However This online course aims to educate the students with wisdom, techniques used and new Islamic fields established in their Daur-e-Khilafat. So you can equip yourself and your children with this advanced level of historical course study. This program is going to be commenced at ALIM University soon. You can reserve your seat by confirming your registration online.

Generally the course outline includes the introduction on the lifestyle of all the four Khulafa-e-Rashdin. Such as Abu Bakar Siddique (R. A), Umar (R. A), Usman (R. Al), and Ali (R. A), new departments developed in their Khilafat, wars that occurred during the Khilafat time of each Caliph. As well as their ways and techniques of doing Khilafat, period of Khilafat of each Caliph, their dealings with challenging situations etc. The course structure is entirely theoretical based on Islamic history. It may include lessons, discussions, question-answer sessions, quizzes and a final exam. If you wat to know about the history of Khulafa-e-Rashdin, take the advantage of the opportunity and enhance your knowledge by joining this course online at ALIM University. The course is extensive knowledge-based.

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Khulafa-e-rashdin course

Khulafa-e-rashdin course


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