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Kasb e Halal Lawful Earning Course Online

The course is designed to emphasize Kasb e Halal (legal earning) and educating to avoid adopting illegal ways of earning. Many people face such situations in life in which they have to adopt illegal ways of earning to feed themselves and their children. But being Muslims, we should avoid adopting illegal ways in any situation because Allah has declared it Haram in Quran and there is punishment for it. Due to disease, many people lost their jobs and sources of earnings. So the significance of the Kasb e halal course has increased these days provide counseling to people and educating them about not adopting illegal income sources in any way.

The course is specifically for hopeless persons, deprived of income sources. This course aims to encourage such persons to not lose hope and have faith in Allah. The content of the course consists of Aqeedah, Fiqh, educating students to have strong faith in Allah, benefits of Halal earning, disadvantages of adopting illegal income sources both in this world and next world, Quranic Ayahs and Hadiths emphasizing legal earning, differentiating legal from illegal and many others. You may enroll to attain this beneficial knowledge and educate others as well.

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Kasb e Halal Lawful Earning Course Online

Kasb e halal course


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