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Islamic Supplications Dua Learning Online

Islamic Supplications Dua Learning is a worth choosing course for every Muslim and is recommended for people of all ages whether children or adults. However Supplications are a vital part of our everyday life. We need supplications in the same way as we need food to eat daily. Thus Supplications build our faith in Allah daily. And we feel to protect after each supplication we make. Therefore Muslims make different supplications at different times for different purposes. These are the blessings of Allah on the Muslim Community. Still many Muslims who are engaged in their social, worldly matters, are not much aware of supplications, and their importance in life.

So ALIM University has made it possible to learn the important supplications for all Muslims easily. Now you can avail this great opportunity by confirming your registration in this course online. The course content comprises Important supplications, morning and evening supplications, supplications after each Salah, supplications for specific time. Such as before sleep, supplications for specific purposes e.g., for protection, the significance of supplications, and understanding their true meaning. The students will be able to memorize them and recite them on the right time to witness their benefits. The students will advise to repeat them and memorize them after each lesson.

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Islamic Supplications Dua Learning

Islamic Supplications Dua Learning


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