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Islamic Sociology Course Online

Islamic Sociology Diploma is best suit for anyone in the knowledge of social sciences. And wants to advance his knowledge and skills in the field. However Master degree Islamic Sociology Diploma starts at ALIM University. Also it is a great chance for the seekers of Islamic Sociology knowledge to equip with this course. It improves their skills and expertise in this field. Generally this is the most demanding and emerging field. However The knowledge deliver in a step-by-step process making it convenient for the student to understand and implement.

Two modes of approaches adopt, one is theoretical mode and other is practical mode. It allows the students for in-depth learning. The course is divided into different modules. Also the students will educate about the introduction about Sociology, its history, reason of its being a part of education, types of social theories. As well as its culture and society, types of cultural theories, criminology in society and its control, race, and ethnicity, and many others in different modules.Thus The practical approach will cover by quizzes, exercises, surveys, research and exam in the final. So Islamic Sociology is a very vast field, in which subjects of Sociology are covered with Islamic perspective. If you want to be an Islamic sociologist, this diploma is for you.

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Islamic Sociology Course Online

Islamic Sociology course


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