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Islamic Social Work Program

Islamic Social work program is for anyone in intended to help people in many different ways by working voluntarily. However Social workers don’t expect any reward in return for their services. So the scope of social work goes beyond the point of just helping people. Therefore Social work services can deliver from local to international levels. Islamic Social work program is going to be initiated to train the volunteers to provide social services to the members of society. This program is free of cost and registration is now available online at ALIM University.

Generally the course outline includes social work practices, practical and professional applications of the social work values, tips and techniques to achieve the outcomes beneficial to society. Students are educated to help people, by providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, families, or groups. As well as solving their various issues, helping groups or societies to sort out social and mental health problems and convincing people to engage in social work to help those in need. Therefore students have to pass through a process of tests, quizzes exercises to enter the final exam. After this they can successfully serve the community by delivering social work services without expecting anything in return, to the helpless people.

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Islamic Social work program

Islamic Social work program


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