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Islamic Sciences Environmental Course

This course is best to those persons who have a great interest in nature, environment, earth etc. However Environmental Sciences course focuses on the study of environmental sciences from the Islamic point of view. So, it can be a great choice for Muslims having an innate desire to study the earth and environment in-depth. You can be associated with this course by applying online at ALIM University free of cost. Allah has created this world and offered human beings to do research and explore its different aspects.

Thus The students will study about fundamentals of ecology from the Islamic point of view, environmental microbiology, environmental toxicology, environmental pollution. And its solutions based on Islamic guidelines, climatology, climate change, reasons of climate change. As well as human participation, biodiversity, and conservation with Islamic perspective. Generally The course comprises of lessons, surveys, research, practical approaches to identify the problems and issues of the environment. Also finding solutions for them, quizzes, exercises, and a final exam. The graduates of this course can serve as a microbiologist, environmental Ecologist, inspecting officers of the environmental issues, teachers to educate others about Islamic sciences. If you are interested to study nature and the environment deeply, grab the opportunity and join now online free of cost.

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islamic sciences environmental course

islamic sciences environmental course


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