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The modern world has now developed the belief that science is nothing without Islam. Scientists now believe that all the discoveries of today are because of Islam. However The basic ideas of all these inventions were already mentioned in the Holy Quran by Allah and in Ahadiths by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So, we can conclude that science shares a basic association with Islam. Online Islamic Science course will conduct at ALIM University, for graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. level education. Therefore To have the knowledge of Islamic science is necessary to achieve to avoid distraction by non-Muslims. Who don’t accept the connection between Islam and science.

However This program aims to prepare graduates and post-graduates who are equipped with leadership qualities and professional expertise. In addition to having excellence in Islamic knowledge. Thus the objective is to train the students with skills expert in human resource development, Islamic banking operations. As well as have an excellent career in research and development, in socio-religious community services, consultancy. Also advisory services, having expertise in Scio-commercial management and many others. If you have an interest in the Islamic sciences program, you must avail this opportunity by registering in this program at ALIM University free of cost.

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Islamic Science Course Online

Islamic Science course


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