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Islamic Poetry Course

Islamic poetry allows only when it is used for positive purposes, i.e. to promote Islam, to admire and encourage Mujahideen on the battlefield, to discourage enemies and many others. However It allow when the intention is to transmit a positive message to make it more effective. Like Hazrat Hassaan Bin Sabit (R.A) was the great poet of the era of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However he (R.A) also say poetry in Masjid – e- Nabwi in front of Prophet (PBUH).

Islamic Poetry Course will commence under the supervision of a qualified staff of ALIM University online. Generally The course content includes a short description of poetry, history of Islamic poetry, the significance of poetry in making speeches and Khitabs effective. As well as history and introduction of some Islamic poets of Prophetic era, history and introduction of the Muslim poets of 20th century, types of poetry, the structure of stanza, tips to produce effective poetry and others. The program consists of multiple lessons, students have to practice each lesson letter to develop a proper understanding. Learning outcomes are useful, and students feel confident to use the right poetry (stanzas) in speeches and Khitabs to make it more powerful and effective.

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Islamic Poetry Course

Islamic Poetry Course


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