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Islamic Personality Development Course

Islamic Personality Development course offers all the Muslims to improve their personality to make it effective and attractive. And to boost their personal skills to be a Productive Muslim for Islamic society. However Grooming your personal skills makes you more confident in crowded and public places. Therefore The course focuses on exploring the creative skills of students and bringing them to life in a useful manner. Any one can join this course, no limit of age and no tension of paying any registration fee.

Generally The course content consist of introduction of personality development, its importance, suggestions and tips to explore skills and polish them in a creative way. So They will educat about effective communication skills, leadership skills, spiritual creativity, Islamic teachings to eliminate bad habits and developing good ones in a gradual process. As well as mutual relationships, character building, and many others. The students are instructed to implement the skills learned in daily life routine to get practical outcomes. The purpose of course is to prepare the Muslim youth to face the upcoming challenges of future with a brave attitude. Personality development is the right of everyone, so if you are willing to groom your personality and polish your creative skills, you must achieve this chance.

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Islamic Personality Development course

Islamic Personality Development course


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